Fundamentals of jquery development by Damian Edwards

I have watched many seminar/educational videos. But this one is special. I’ve lost count on the number of times I have watched this video. Damian Edwards – Microsoft program manager who walks us through is all code. No jazzy Powerpoint. Just code that’s all. But he keeps you engaged all through the video and you never blink till it ends and finally you discover it ended so quick. Must watch. Enjoy

Fundamentals for Great jQuery Development from Marakana on Vimeo.

Interested in diving into jQuery development, but not exactly sure where to start? Check out this video from Microsoft program manager, Damian Edwards.

In this 50 minute live coding demo, Damian will start off with an overview of the JavaScript fundamentals that every jQuery developer should know. Next, he’ll show you some of the features that make jQuery the most popular JavaScript library today.

A few of the topics covered in this video are:
- Fundamentals of JavaScript
- JavaScript functions
- Objects
- Scope and closures
- CSS Selectors
- Mouse events
- jQuery animation

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I’m back

Its been 57 days since i last wrote something in my blog.

The plan was to write something every week. But there were lots of thing happenning at the same time which kept me busy.

Having be reading a lot , doing lots of RnD and well it was quite interesting indeed. I’ll take time out and share the learning.

So whats coming…! well there is so much indeed. HTML5, UI Patterns, jQuery starter, Tapestry Framework, Usability Methods, Android and UI much more…

I’ll try to write and cover as much as possible. After all sharing is fun which always motivates me to learn more.

That it guys. Stay tuned. Anyone wish to share or read anything in specific, leave me a comment.

Zepto.js – light weight JavaScript framework for mobile

When most of the frameworks focused on bringing loads of fancy feature and UI using some library or other Zepto.js just focused on mobile WebKit browsers and tried to unleash its capabilities by cutting down the extra bit of codes written to address the cross browser issues. It absolutely makes sense. When the browser is capable of supporting rich features why not use it and reduce js code. Thats what everyone needs to do.

The size of the Zepto.js is just 2k. What more you can ask for to use in a mobile environment. The good news is , Zepto supports jQuery-like syntax and chaining. People familiar with jquery can immediately start experimenting zeptos.

Source & Example : GitHub | Zepto Site

Zepto presentation